How to add warmth and comfort to cold rooms

Warm  Flooring for Cold Rooms

Fall is here and the weather will become chilly in no time. It’s time to make those cold rooms in your home cozier. You can make your rooms warmer by having new flooring or carpet installed.

There’s no need to by an electric heater. You can have radiant flooring built into hardwood floors or you can have a custom carpet made for your home.

It’s not recommended that you use an electric heater to warm up cold rooms because children and pets can get burned when they encounter obstacles.

Radiant flooring and carpet are the best solutions for chilly rooms.

What are the best rooms for installing radiant flooring?

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America recommends having radiant flooring installed for mudrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms are the coldest because they have hard surfaces and usually close to entranceways. For these rooms we highly recommend using tiles, as tiles are the easiest floor types to have radiant systems installed.

You may also want to consider laminate flooring, engineered woods or carpet.

The average cost to have radiant floor heat installed to a standard bathroom is between $200- $300.

With proper radiant floor installation you can warm up entire rooms in no time, no matter how large or small the rooms maybe.

If you prefer carpet, you can have custom rugs made to put on top of hard flooring or you can have a full carpet installation for your cold rooms. When installing carpet, deep couches make rooms extra cozy for both sitting and lying.

Carpet is especially inviting for the basement area, as it is one of the coldest rooms in the home. You can easily make a basement with a draft the family hangout spot by adding in extra insulation and purchasing a fuzzy, cozy carpet.

The kids can lie on the carpet as they get comfortable for homework time or relax for movie night.

Keep up with the maintenance on your hard floors and carpet to prevent wear and tear in the long haul.

Carpet is perfect for family seating areas.

Have a look at our carpet types and hardwood flooring.

Jim Boyd’s is here to help you add warmth and style to your home with our great flooring and carpet selections.

We are here to reduce your home maintenance with vinyl flooring or laminate flooring for the look of wood without the maintenance.

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