How To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Warm This Winter


Take a look at these helpful tips to keep your hardwood floors nice and warm this winter.

While hardwood floors are great options for most homes, they take some maintenance to keep them feeling nice and looking luxurious. As you may have noticed in your rooms with hardwood flooring, they can get extremely cold in the fall and winter months, making them very unpleasant to stand on- especially first thing in the morning. However, there are ways to combat this, and you can have the luxury look of hardwood floors without the cold feet.


Before we mention ways to keep your floors warm, you should know that rooms with heaters or fireplaces can cause damage to your wooden floors if the humidity in the room is too low. Hygrometers, or relative humidity sensor, is a device that all rooms with hardwood floors should have. The device looks like a thermometer, but instead of temperature, it measures the relative humidity in a room. If the humidity level ever reaches 30 percent, you should take that as a sign to turn off your heat in that area. A low humidity point can completely dry out the wood, causing it to warp.

Close All Doors

While you probably don’t keep any windows or doors open in the winter, you should also close all doors within your home. Since we now know that heaters can warp the floors, you may have to limit your use of powerful heaters. This doesn’t mean that your house has to turn into an ice-box, but it may be slightly less warm than you’re used to. To combat this, get into the habit of closing all doors in your home, to keep them warm in the easiest ways possible: insulation.

Area Rugs Are Your Best Friend

There’s nothing that a good area rug can’t fix! Find some comfortable area rugs of all shapes and sizes to put on your wooden floors throughout your home, as they not only make the floors much warmer to stand on, they also help to keep the entire room warmer by providing some extra insulation. Rugs are also important for entryways, as they help remove all dirt, rain, and snow from shoes before people enter the house. Tracking moisture on hardwood floors is one thing you should try to avoid as much as possible since wood is very absorbent and can retain the liquid.

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