How to Make Hardwood Work in your Bathroom

hardwood-bathroomWhen choosing flooring for wetter rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, most people go for something that seems waterproof like ceramic tile or vinyl. You don’t often see a bathroom with hardwood flooring. The fact of the matter is hardwood flooring is a top-notch option for any room, bathrooms included. If most of your floor is already looking stylish with rich hardwoods, your bathroom doesn’t have to stand out. This scary combo can be simplified and mastered with a few considerations.

What about water?

It is definitely true that excessive water is not good for hardwood floors. It can damage the finishing and warp the wood. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to manage. The number one way to keep your hardwood looking perfect is to use strategically placed rugs. Your sink, toilet, and shower are high-risk areas. Use mats or rugs to catch any water falling from these areas. This will give you a buffer and provide you with the time you need to soak up spills and avoid damage. Steam from your shower is another major danger. All you have to do is keep your bathroom properly ventilated. Shower with the fan on, and consider cracking a door or a window.

Choose good wood

When it comes to bathrooms, not all wood is created equal. You’ll want to stick with a species that can stand up to the daily wear and tear of high-traffic areas. Stay far away from soft wood like pine, and choose an oak or maple instead. It can also be beneficial to choose a wood with a more visible and intricate grain. This will hide any scratches or stains you might end up encountering. Finally, choose a matte or satin finish as opposed to a glossier option. High-sheen finishes show scratches and debris much more than their less glossy counterparts.

Benefits of hardwood in your bathroom

Hardwood floor always has been and probably always will be one of the top choices for any flooring project. It is timeless, elegant, beautiful, and highly desirable to new buyers. Tile, the common choice for bathrooms, will leave your toes feeling extra cold when you step out of the shower. Hardwood will help keep you and your bathroom much warmer.

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