How to Protect Your Hardwood Floor from Summer Humidity

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During the summer, follow these tips to keep humidity from warping your hardwood floors.

Summer in Maryland often means two things for your flooring—heat and humidity.

If you have hardwood flooring, high humidity can be a particularly big concern.

Since wood can absorb moisture from the air to maintain equilibrium with the air of

the room, hardwood flooring can swell a great deal in a humid home. Hardwood

flooring that swells can form too much pressure between boards and cause

permanent, irreversible warping, How can you protect your hardwood floor from

summer humidity?


Check Your Home’s Humidity Levels

Before you can address issues with your hardwood flooring, you need to ensure that

your home has an appropriate level of humidity. Throughout the year, basements,

bathrooms, and any room of the home with a fish tank will be at a slightly higher

level of humidity. Always keep a humidstat or hydrometer in your home to see what

the humidity level is. The humidity level in your home should always stay between

30-40% throughout the year.



Dehumidifiers are one of the most effective ways to quickly cut the humidity in a

room. Good quality humidifiers will also detect the level in the room and shut off as

needed so that you can maintain your optimal 30-40% humidity. The right

dehumidifier for your home should be appropriate for the amount of space in your

home. As a rule of thumb, when searching for the right dehumidifier remember that:

  •  400 square feet and under homes need a 25 or 30 pint dehumidifier
  •  800 square feet and under homes need a 40 pint dehumidifier
  •  1,000 square feet and under homes need a 50 pint dehumidifier
  •  1,300 square feet and under homes need a 65 pint dehumidifier


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