The Best of Home Flooring: Hardwood

hardwood floor installations

Are you purchasing home flooring soon?

Then it’s time to get familiar about your flooring options.

Are you purchasing hardwood floors?

If yes, you should know there is no such thing as a perfect color hardwood floor.

Hardwood is nature product. Anything created from nature is  going to have color variations.

Every wood plank can have a different color variation.

To protect your wood floors over the years, we highly recommend using area rugs. Here at Jim Boyd’s we have both standard area rugs and we can create custom rugs for you.

We do not recommend installing hardwood floors in high moisture areas of the home such as basements and bathrooms.

Add mats to wood floors in the kitchen.

Wood is as good as you take care of it.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has your strip flooring, plank flooring,  and parquet flooring. Have your  wood floors in Brazilian Cherry, Walnut, Tiger Wood, Hickory, Pine and Maple. You will find yourself delighted at the wonders wood floors can do for your home living.

We will not disappoint you.  Our hardwood floors are good looking, long lasting and one of the best home investments you will ever make. Enjoy the natural look and warmth of wood today. Hardwood floors add a classic touch homeowner can truly admire and appreciate.

From laminate wood to natural wood, Jim Boyd’s Flooring has you covered.

We have contemporary floors, traditional floors and even floors compatible with heavy traffic areas.

Our home flooring options can be installed on any grade.

If you need wood floors install for a below grade, such as the basement, your best option is engineered wood.

Have a look at our Jim Boyd’s Flooring America hardwood flooring and green flooring products to get started on your fabulous home improvement project.

For professional services and questions on wood floor installations or other flooring options, contact Jim Boyd’s Flooring America by calling 410-667-0620or click here today!

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