Tips for Protecting Your Hardwood from Scratches

Show Home InteriorBrand new hardwood floors are a sight to see. They are glossy, sparkling, and perfect. Even though hardwood is one of the most durable options on the market, scratches and nicks happen to every floor. These little imperfections can usually be fixed, but it’s much easier to stop them before they happen. Protecting your hardwood can be a pretty simple process and usually requires only minor changes to your usual routine.

  1. Your pet’s nails can cause a great deal of damage to your hardwood. They’re incredibly tough and sharp. You should have your pet’s nails trimmed every six to eight weeks to keep them short and smooth.
  2. In most cases hardwood floors can hold up to the normal wear and tear of shoes. If you want to be extra cautious, take your shoes off at the door. The only shoes that can be seriously harmful to your floors are high heels. Because all of your weight is concentrated in their spikey heel, they hit your floors with more force per inch than an elephant’s foot. Keep your heels off if you want to protect your floors.
  3. Your furniture can be a major contributor to hardwood scratches. You can purchase pads, or make your own out of old blankets so that when your furniture slides, it doesn’t scratch.
  4. Another great option is to place your furniture on area rugs. This will allow you to add some style to your room, while having the added benefit of protection. Add rugs in areas of high traffic like hallways in order to reduce risk even further.
  5. Consider purchasing furniture with wheels. Desks and ottomans with wheels will do far less damage to your floors than sharp metal or the wooden edges of your average piece of furniture.
  6. General hardwood maintenance will help keep your floors in tip-top shape. Regularly cleaned floors stay stronger for longer. Use gentle cleaning tools like soft bristled brooms to help pick up any dust and pebbles that can cause tiny scratches and weaken your flo
  7. Rearrange your furniture layout regularly. This will not only give any room a bit of new life, but it will also make sure that specific areas don’t receive constant stress.
  8. Invest in window treatments like shades, blinds, awnings, or curtains. These will help keep damaging UV rays off of your beautiful hardwood floor, allowing them to maintain their durability.


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