Will My Dog Ruin My Hardwood Floors?

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Do you think your dog could ruin your hardwood floors? Keep reading to find out how to protect your floors.

Hardwood floors are a very popular flooring option, but dog owners are often worried that their furry friend will ruin their beautiful floors. This isn’t true, however, as it just takes a little bit of extra work and maintenance to keep your floors looking great. Continue reading for some tips on how to keep your hardwood floors in great shape while living with a dog.


Dog’s paws will bring excess dirt into your home, which can act as sandpaper and scratch the floor if not swept up quickly. Dogs also often shed hair, so sweeping should be a regular occurrence in your home, especially on hardwood floors. Mopping is also an essential step, as it helps to maintain the wood while removing stains and dirt.


Scratches from dogs’ nails are the main concern for owners debating on installing wood floors. Pine floors are not recommended for dog owners, as it is too soft and will be affected by nails. Other woods are hard enough to resist toenails, but if scratching does occur, recoating is the best way to fix the floor.

General Tips To Avoid Resanding

  • Although toenail scratches are unlikely to cause permanent damages to your floors, you should still keep your dog’s toenails trimmed. Damages caused by scratches are treatable, but take time and money to sand out.
  • Use an oil or wax type finish, and use more coats of finish on your wood floors. With extra coats of finish, scratches will only reach the plastic of the finish and not the actual hardwood. These finish scratches can be fixed with a topcoat of polyurethane.
  • If you do not like the appearance of extra coats of polyurethane, a penetrating oil will also work and provide a more natural finish to the floor. However, it does require more maintenance.
  • Potty train your dog and let them out whenever they need to go to avoid accidents. If the accident is cleaned up quickly your hardwood floors will likely be unscathed, but the longer it sits, the more of a problem it becomes.
  • For areas where you know your dog will run, such as the hallways to the front or back door, put down area rugs for them to run on.

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