3 Tips On How To Pick, Buy And Install The Right Carpet

Do you need to buy new carpet? If yes, we have 3 tips to share with you to keep you from being overwhelmed by the task. Read now.

When purchasing carpet, you want to make sure you look out for performance traits. You want a carpet that will not only look good but also stand up to your expectations. Here is how to make your carpet work for you:

Examine The Twist

When looking to buy carpet, you should always look at the twist in your individual yarn pieces. The twists can make the difference between a good or bad carpet because the twists affect the performance and density of the pile. Note, you should not confuse density with the height of the pile because the pile height has nothing to with the performance of your carpet.

The more twist you have in your yarn, the more spring your carpet will have in it. If you have plenty of spring in your carpet, then you will be able to easily hide more footprints. The only time you should not look for plenty of spring is when you are looking for vibrant carpets. The more spring you trade off, the more vibrant the carpet will be.

Look For Proven Stain Protection

The next important thing you should look for in your carpet is its stain protection, soil protection and static guard. The average carpet should be cleaned twice a year for it to perform well for three or more years. If you expect to place your carpet in heavy traffic areas, have your carpet cleaned three to four times a year.

Buy Carpet From A Reputable Carpet Dealer

When you purchase carpet, high quality material and customer service should always be a top priority. You will know when you are dealing with a reputable carpet dealer when the dealer consistently stands behind the products he or she sells.

Always have your carpet installed by a professional.

Lastly, choose the right carpet. You can decide what the best color carpet is for your home or office by looking at the color and texture of the room where it will be installed and the lighting conditions that will affect the appearance of your carpet.

If you want a room to look lighter or brighter, pick a lustrous carpet fiber. If you don’t mind seeing footprints and vacuum marks, purchase a smooth luxurious carpet.

If you are looking for a carpet with the best wear, install a low densely packed carpet.

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Source: Buying Carpet: 10 Tips That Works For You


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