4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

If you’re buying a carpet, one of your top priorities is to purchase a carpet that will last a long time and will maintain an attractive look. Here at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America we want to help you extend the life of your carpet no matter what the material or size of the carpet. This article will provide you four great tips to help extend the life of your carpet.

One great way to extend the life of your carpet is to properly vacuum. Vacuuming is easy, cheap and helps you remove the fine grit that glues its self deep into your carpet and causes wear. As you vacuum more your carpet’s life span will expand.

The vacuum you use to clean your carpet should be one with enough suction to pull grit that’s deep in the carpet and not only debris that is visible from the surface. When your carpet looks dingy it is not the debris on the surface that makes your carpet look outdated and wear fast, but the grit deep in the carpet. This grit rubs and wears the carpet fabric, so spending extra on a good vacuum is worth it.

Another great way you can extend the life of your carpet is with carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can do to extend the life of your carpet. Carpet cleaning by a professional is normally conducted once a year (more frequent if your carpet area is a high traffic area). The carpet cleaning will remove grime and debris at the fiber, while removing any oily residue and stains. Make sure the professional cleaner does not use a cleaner that leaves residue because residue attracts dirt and compound problems.

You should also make it a rule in your home for all residents and guests to remove shoes when entering rooms with carpet. Shoes, even very clean soles, can carry fine particles and oily substances that can damage and age your carpet. Your bare feet can even damage your carpet because your feet have oil film you can’t feel or see. The oil residue that’s left behind will attract dirt that abrades the carpet.

Last but not least, add mats and runners at the entryways of your home to isolate dirt and grime in your home. Mats can be easily replaced, cleaned while adding years to your carpet.

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