5 Reasons Berber Carpet is Great For Home Flooring

Looking to purchase a nice carpet for your home this summer? If yes, you should consider a Berber carpet. Read now to learn 5 reasons you should buy a Berber carpet.

The Berber carpet name came from the handmade bulky wool that is textured and used by the Berber tribe in North Africa.

One reason you should buy this beautiful carpet is for its unique style. It is made of flecked looped yarns that make this carpet very identifiable. The loop sizes of Berber can be used for every room and décor. You can have large knobby loops or small tight loops.

Another great reason you should have a Berber carpet in your home is to combat allergies. This carpet is made from non-toxic and non-allergenic wool. It can stop bacterial growth right from the start.

A third reason you should have Berber carpet in your home is based on its ability to improve your home comfort. The carpet has millions of wool loops with air pockets to give you a nice cushion feeling for walking, while its insulation helps regulate the temperature of the room.

A fourth reason to buy Berber carpet is for its durability and easy maintenance. Stains can be removed easily and the carpet can look as new as the day it was installed for years. You will not see footprints and you won’t see the lines from the vacuum cleaner. Just be sure not to snag the carpet.

Last but not least, Berber is a great carpet choice because it is affordable. It is a pure wool carpet but it is cheaper than nylon, olefin while outlasting those carpets in durability and looking more attractive for longer.

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Source: Berber Carpet: 10 Reasons To Buy Berber Carpet


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