All You Need To Know About Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Do you know how to install distressed hardwood flooring? If you do not, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about distressed hardwood flooring. Read below to learn!

Installing distressed hardwood flooring has become a popular decorating trend in flooring. Distressed hardwood flooring is being used to create the appearance of a uniquely aged look to homes. This type of hardwood flooring can be made up of different types of hardwood planks. The planks have subtly applied markings of use and distressing. If it is done correctly, it gives off a wonderfully unique rustic look to any home.

Below is information on how distressed hardwood flooring gets created, as well as, what to look out for when shopping for this type of flooring.

Why is the flooring unique?

For one thing, the distressed hardwood flooring will never be as shiny and bright as brand new hardwood flooring. It is intentionally created to resemble an aging floor; this includes patterns of rubbing, scuffmarks and sanding scars.

The flooring is built by hand to the point each plank is individually distressed and assembled into your home. A company installing your flooring should seal each board beforehand or seal it on site, once the entire installment is completed. The sealing and timing of the sealing are important to long-term endurance of the flooring.

We recommend installing a pre-finished floor to take advantage of how each plank will react to changes in temperature and humidity.  Each plank will move and shift based on its environment without any harm to the whole of the flooring. If you place the finish on the wood after installment, you are more inclined to see cracks and splits during temperature and humidity changes.

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