Ceramic Tiles Vs. Porcelain Tiles: What Is The Right Floor Tiles For You?

Need to install new tiling in your home? If yes, choosing the right floor tiles to fit your property and interior design needs is extremely important.

Why is it extremely important? With the right combination of colors and materials you can add value to your property and guarantee your home durable, lasting flooring.

To accomplish this objective, you need to identify what distinguishes ceramic from porcelain floor tiles.

Ceramic and porcelain are very similar to one another in look and feel. The difference is that the density of porcelain floor tiles is more than ceramic tiles. This allows porcelain to be longer lasting and more suitable for heavy traffic, frequently used areas and your home’s exterior design.

This doesn’t mean ceramic tiles are not great quality, durable tiles. They come in a variety of colors and textures.

No matter if you choose ceramic or porcelain, be sure you know what type of usage the area will get.

For example, if you want tiling in your shower, go for ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are not able to absorb as much water as ceramic tiles.

If you need tiling in the kitchen, go for porcelain tiles. Porcelain is hard wearing and stain proof. The best porcelain tiles for your kitchen are dark colored tiles. Dark porcelain tiles will help you reduce the amount of aging of your tiles and better conceal dirt and stains when you can’t clean up a mess in a jiffy.

No matter your choice, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to install the right tiling for you.

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