Helpful Carpet Purchasing Guide

Are you searching for the perfect carpet to buy for your home? If yes, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has a guide for you to help you buy a carpet that will have your home looking great without leaving your pockets empty of cash.

Before you start to buy carpet, you need to decide the style of rugs you want to put in the rooms of your home. You can decide this by looking at whether your rooms are more traditional or modern interior designs.

For example, if one of your rooms is filled with beautiful antiques, you may want to consider an Oriental or Persian style rug. If your rooms are traditional or modern, go for Braided style rugs.

More important than the style of rugs is choosing the rights rug colors to complement your room design. Color affects the tone of your rooms. If you want a room to look more spacious, use light colors. If you want a room to appear more intimate, use darker colors.

Carpeting is great to install in the home because it absorbs sounds and improves the environment of your home by removing noise pollution. You also won’t have to worry about slipping on your carpet because it has anti-slip properties and shock absorption.

Ask your sales person how durable the carpet you’re interested in purchasing is for your lifestyle. You want to know this so you will know when your carpet will look worn and when you will have to replace it. Ask about the expenses of maintenance and how much does it cost, if your carpet happens to become damaged or needs repairs.

For the best quality carpet, always buy from a reputable carpet company such as Jim Boyd’s Flooring America.

Here at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America, our carpet & flooring store serves the needs of both residential homeowners and business customers, including many interior designers, interior decorators and homebuilders. One factor setting the company apart is our strong emphasis on superior customer service. Jim Boyd’s business philosophy is based upon treating customers and employees with the utmost consideration.

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