How To Evaluate Carpet Quality

If you are planning to install a carpet in your home, carpet quality matters. Jim Boyd’s America is here to help you evaluate carpet quality.

The first thing you need to do to properly evaluate carpet is to consider carpet fiber, carpet pile, carpet backing, and carpet density

For carpet quality and fiber, you can install carpet that uses natural or synthetic fibers. Nylon and olefin are top leading carpet fibers for commercial applications. Wool is the top natural fiber to use.

Nylon fibers are very strong and flexible because they have a naturally hard surface. This hard surface provides wearability, resilience, abrasion resilience, and resistance to oils and chemicals. This fiber also has very good color stability and resistance to fading.

As for olefin, it is less expensive than nylon and it’s not as crush resistant as nylon. To make up for this, nylon carpet has more fibers installed into each of the carpet.

Olefin makes for a great carpet because it offers excellent resistance to moisture. It can be used for both your indoors and outdoors. You will not have to worry about sunlight, chemical or stain damage with this carpet because it is resistant to fading and staining.

Out of all the fibers, wool is the most expensive but it comes with much value. Its fibers are durable and highly resistant to crushing and matting. The fibers can even resist moisture to a degree. Wool needs to be cleaned more often than synthetic fiber carpets. It holds dirt more easily and dirt can damage the surface of fibers.

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