How To Properly Care And Clean Laminate Flooring

Are you looking for basic, yet effective ways to clean your laminate flooring? If yes, you are in luck! This article will provide you information on how to easily clean your laminate flooring to leave it looking consistently amazing. Get started now!

Laminate flooring looks its best when shining. To clean your laminate flooring properly you need to understand that laminate flooring has multiple layers that joined together. When they are joined together the process is called lamination.

Laminate flooring offers homeowners many benefits. It is durable, attractive and cost-effective. You want to be careful how you clean your laminate flooring because it is not highly resistant to scratching.

Laminate flooring needs to be cleaned everyday because dust particles can harm laminate flooring. To clean daily, you should use a broom or vacuum cleaner (with a soft brush attached) to clean the floor.

Clean the flooring the same direction it is laid so dust does not get stuck in the grooves and crevices of the flooring. You should use liquid dish detergent, warm water and a mop to keep your laminate flooring shining once a week.

If you have wood laminate flooring, use cleaning solutions specifically for it.

Here are some laminate flooring Do Not’s:

  • Avoid wearing stilettos on laminate flooring. These types of shoes can create scratches and dents on your laminate flooring.
  • If shifting furniture on laminate flooring, lift your furniture. Never slide your furniture because your flooring will scratch.

Follow these cleaning steps to allow your home laminate flooring to have a long, lasting appeal.

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Source: Basic and Effective Laminate Flooring Cleanup Tips

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