Kitchen Flooring Ideas for your Remodel

kitchen flooring options

Your remodel is all about your kitchen flooring. Make sure you make the right choice.

Any real estate agent will tell you that most home sales are made in the kitchen. This important room is a key component of any dream home, and when you’re looking to upgrade your home, the kitchen is a great place to start. In fact, kitchen upgrades have a return on investment of 82 percent according to Remodeling magazine. After you’ve replaced the cabinets, chosen shiny new appliances, and picked out new countertops, your kitchen flooring will be on the chopping block. There are a lot of options for kitchen flooring, and your choice will depend on your desired look as well as how you use your kitchen.

Wood Kitchen Flooring

Some people are concerned that wood flooring isn’t capable of standing up to the potential of spills in kitchens, but with proper finishing and sealing, you won’t have any issues with warping. Wood floors are great for kitchens because they are durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic that kitchens often see, and they create a great look. If you have an open floor plan with hardwood, there is no reason not to continue it into the kitchen. It creates a homey feel for your family gatherings, and will truly never go out of style.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile is a popular choice for kitchens because it is both beautiful and easy to maintain. Ceramic tile is a versatile option, as there are so many different styles to choose from. You can easily find something to match any decorative plan. Even more impressive though, is that cleanup will always be simple with tile, and they are so easy to maintain. With a little bit of water, you can wipe away almost any stain or spill. Ceramic tile is also very durable, which is important in high traffic areas like kitchens.

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Vinyl flooring has some similar benefits as ceramic tile and wood flooring, but is a much more cost effective option if you want to keep the price down. Vinyl flooring is easy to keep clean, and doesn’t usually involve a lot of maintenance. The main draw of vinyl flooring though, is definitely the variety in which it comes. You can purchase vinyl flooring in almost any color, pattern, or style. It can even mimic wood flooring.

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