Can Flooring Keep a House Cooler During Summer?

The Best Hardwood Flooring for Your New Sunroom

Believe it or not, specific flooring options can keep your home cooler during the hottest months.

With the summer here and the heat only rising, it may necessitate some changes to make the home more comfortable. In addition to checking your home’s energy efficiency, you may want to consider updating your flooring to moderate temperatures. There are certain types of flooring that are especially suited for warmer climates. When updating your home this summer, consider re-flooring with options proven to keep the home cooler on hot, humid days.


Flooring Options to Beat the Heat

Vinyl and linoleum are two different materials that both offer benefits. They come in many different varieties with different textures, patterns, and colors. Homeowners can base their decisions on aesthetics, installation methods, and price. Some materials are designed to realistically mimic wood and stone. Vinyl is synthetic material, which offers more versatility and finance options, while linoleum is a natural material, made from ground cork and linseed oil. Both options keep the home cool as they are resistant to absorbing heat. Hardwood floors are popular for their beautiful coloring, texture, and grain patterns. Hardwood flooring is applicable for homes in all climates because of its ability to adapt with the temperature. Hardwood floors tend to stay cooler in the summer, and can also retain slight amounts of heat in the winter if properly treated. Although overly damp or dry conditions may cause problems, they can easily be remedied. Dehumidifiers will offset swelling in damp conditions, and keeping a well-oiled floor to retain moisture will help in dryer areas.


Maintaining Your Floor

Above all, properly maintaining your flooring will increase longevity and prevent damage in the long run. Hardwood flooring may need to be refinished and/or stained throughout the years. Stone tile needs to be cleaned with appropriate surface cleaner’s dependent on the type of stone, and grout should be cleaned and replaced. Vinyl and linoleum require frequent mopping with mild soap. Most of this upkeep can done by the homeowners themselves, with a can-do attitude and some elbow grease!


Whatever Type of Flooring You Choose, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is Ready to Install!

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