Kid Friendly Flooring

Kid Friendly Flooring

Choosing new flooring for your home can be tricky, but you should keep in mind both the comfort and safety of your children!

Have you ever noticed the pattern of people having children after a long winter? Well, it seems like this summer is definitely following that pattern. And with so many people having children, it is definitely the time to discuss child friendly flooring. What floors are the best for new parents and for the child as it grows up?


Carpeting is without a doubt one of the most popular options for flooring. It will cushion your child’s inevitable falls as they crawl, stand, and walk through the first year of their life. But parents should investigate before buying this flooring. Carpeting can be difficult to clean and can become a home for dust mites and mildew. It is also less than ideal for allergies and asthma sufferers. This flooring can also release volatile organic compounds into the air when it is new. These toxins could make little ones sick so it is always best to install the carpet before the baby is born to let it air out.

Hardwood Floors

While it is expensive to purchase, hardwood flooring is durable and is a classic look buyers look for in a home. This flooring is long lasting and easy to clean but it does require maintenance. Hardwood flooring requires refinishing for high traffic areas and this process can be a bit pricy. Another option like hardwood is bamboo flooring, which is environmentally friendly but carries the same properties as hardwood.

Laminate Flooring

Laminates come in many different styles and colors that would match any baby décor. It is also an easy-to-install alternative to hardwood and is often cheaper than other options. It is durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Like carpet, laminate flooring has the potential to release VOCs into the air so it should be put down before the child arrives. There is another alternative with a low to zero emissions laminate product that is on the market.

All of these options have their pros and cons when it comes to baby flooring. Whatever option you choose, make sure your baby is safe. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance on your flooring will help ensure your baby is in good health and able to play in peace.

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