What is the best flooring for Beachfront Homes?

Have you recently purchased a beach home or need to make renovations to your existing beach home? Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to help you style your beach home flooring.

When considering new flooring for your beach home, you will want to have flooring that holds up well against sand being tracked indoors, moisture and humidity.

One of the best beach home flooring options out there are vinyl floors. Vinyl floors are easy to clean, and worse case scenario, easy to replace by tile.

If you choose vinyl floors for your beach home, we recommend placing floor mats and runners at entrance ways to prevent sand from entering the home.

Any floor you choose, must be indestructible, easy to clean and comfortable to bare feet.

Ceramic tiles, stone tile and painted plywood are also great flooring options.

We do not recommend installing hardwood floors.

If you cannot live without hardwood flooring, go for engineered hardwood flooring.

For ocean front homes, you need to also have flooring installed that can combat salt.

Do not carpet an ocean front property, once sand gets into it, it can cut feet like glass and quickly damage your carpet fibers.

For numerous color options and styles, come to Jim Boyd’s Flooring America’s showroom to find the best flooring for your beachfront home, from slip resistant surfaces to beautiful floor patterns, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America has got you covered.

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