Best of home remodeling floors: Laminate Flooring

Laminate Floors

Are you preparing yourself for a home remodel? One way you can increase your home value is to put in new flooring.

One of the best home floorings out there is laminate flooring.

We recommend laminate flooring to homeowners remodeling because laminate floors are versatile and very low maintenance.

Laminate can resemble just about any floor surface. If you want the look of hardwood flooring, stone or ceramic tiles, you can have it in a laminate floor. You can fully customize the styling and color of your floors as well.

The laminate floor has a very durable finish because it has four layers – a wear layer, design layer, inner core layer and a backing layer.

Because laminate floors are made of layers, it can protect itself from stains, scratches and fading.

Best of the entire backing layer prevents the floor from warping because it serves as a moisture barrier.

Where in the home can you install laminate floors?

You can install laminate floors just about anywhere in the home. All you need to have is a good sub floor. A good sub floor is one that’s clean, dry and flat.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America can help you select laminate floors that complement your personal taste and lifestyle. Yes, we can also complete laminate flooring installations.

Laminate flooring is perfect for homes with pets, children and overall high foot traffic.

If laminate flooring needs any repairs, floor planks can easily be replaced.

From space to functional needs, we will keep you in budget.

Laminate floors are beautiful, high performing floors; don’t miss the opportunity to have this great flooring in your home. Even floor heating can be added to laminate flooring.

Have a look at our Laminate Flooring options now.

Even if you move from your home, you can purchase laminate flooring you can ship with you. There are snap-in laminate floors available for purchase.

Any cleaning necessary for your laminate flooring can be completed with a lightly damped mop. Never use too much water on a laminate floor.

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