Why are wood floors great winter flooring?

Custom Hardwood Flooring

Do you find yourself trembling in your home this winter? It’s never a good feeling. If you want your home more winter friendly, you need to have wood floors installed throughout your home. Wood floor installations can offer you great winter benefits and we are here to tell you all about it.

Why should I have wood floors in my home?

Hardwood floors are long lasting home flooring that offer a variety of advantages to homeowners. If you hire a hardwood flooring contractor this winter to complete you new hardwood floor installations you will really appreciate your home this winter and all year round.

What advantages do hardwood floors offer?

Here are some hardwood floor benefits:

1.You will have better moisture control in your home because winter is a dry season for the indoor environment. By having hardwood floors installed, you will reap the benefits of having a floor that can be pre-finished to resist moisture. No buckling. No warping. No mold. No mildew in the sub flooring  of your home.


2. Your hardwood floors have the ability to shrink when cold temperatures hit the region. What’s so great about this? A hardwood contractor can accurately space your floorboards during the winter time ( it’s much harder to do this space of floorboards during the hot summer months because high levels of humidity expand wood floorboards fast). If you wood floorboards are installed correctly the first time around, you will have peace of  mind that you will not experience hardwood floor problems during summer from inaccurate floorboard spacing( causes cracking and gapping).

Give yourself plenty of home improvement time and save money this winter with winter hardwood flooring installations by Jim Boyd’s Flooring America.

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