Pet-Friendly Flooring for Your Home

Are you trying to find flooring that is both gentle on paws and easy to clean in case of any housebreaking accidents? Families with pets all want to find that perfect balance between a beautiful floor and one that is practical for a home with animals. Does this mean you have to compromise on your dream floor? Not at all! Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to show you that you don’t need to compromise when it comes to keeping your flooring pet-friendly.

Hardwood Flooring

The last thing you want is for your beautiful hardwood flooring to get scratched up or stained by a pet. While some hardwood floors may be a risk to have with any furry friends in the house, you do have other options. Bamboo, for instance, is stain-resistant and has the look of a classic hardwood floor.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is famous for being easy to clean, perfect especially during those early puppy-training days! Vinyl also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you won’t have to sacrifice style just to keep your fluffy pals happy indoors.


Carpeting can be a little tricky with pets in the house. Carpeting is more likely to collect hairs and dirt in its fibers, and it is also more difficult to clean than other types of flooring. However, you can achieve the look you want by splitting the difference: Use throw rugs over your vinyl, wood, or stone flooring. Throw rugs live up to their name and are easy to throw into the laundry in case of an accident, but your rooms will still have a carpeting element to them.

Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat person, creating a home that is comfortable for both you and your pet is important. Call on the experts at Jim Boyd’s Flooring America today to discuss your pet-friendly flooring options!

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to provide you practical carpeting and other great flooring options. We want to assist you in creating the home of your dreams. Yes, eco-friendly flooring and carpeting is available.

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Come pick out your durable flooring and carpet today. Here are samples of our home carpet and home flooring options.


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