Restaurant Flooring: Epoxy Coated Flooring is the Way To Go

If you are redesigning your restaurant or building a new restaurant, one of the first things you need to do is pick suitable restaurant flooring. This article will help you successfully pick stylish and durable flooring by providing you a few tips on what to look for in your flooring.

An excellent restaurant flooring is epoxy coated flooring because it is resist to wear and very durable even with heavy foot traffic.

If your restaurant seating is predominately outdoors, it is best to use rustic, light, porous flooring. This type of outdoor flooring is great for patios, gardens, balconies and terraces.

When installing epoxy as your flooring cover, you must make sure the subfloor is firm and leveled. You do not have to cure epoxy but you must seal it. Silicone products will protect your flooring from spots without changing the color or texture.

Add a treatment to give your flooring a glossy or natural finish. This will provide you a resistant, waterproof and easy to maintenance restaurant flooring but do not forget to use an abrasive polishing to give your floor a natural brightness without using harmful chemicals.

Some other things you should consider when installing restaurant flooring is a non-slip floor because it can help prevent employees and customers from being injured, as well as you being sued. You should also consider painting your floors to add a style preference that grabs the attention of customers.

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Source: Restaurant Flooring – Floor Types and Suitable Options

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