The Best Commercial Flooring for an Office Space

office-flooring-optionsA floor brings the entire room together.  The entire structure of a space revolves around the floor, especially since the floor is often a different color or material from the walls and ceiling.  However, a floor also takes the brunt of the action in the room as feet and other objects run rampant across it at all times of the work day.  In other words, choosing the best commercial flooring for your office is vital to a business space.

Carpeting and Tile

Carpeting and tile are the standard choices for an office space.  They come in a wide variety of patterns and colors that can adapt to nearly any style.  They also offer noise insulation, which really helps when multiple keyboards are in use and the phones are ringing through the business day.  The downside is that these are prone to wear and tear, and may require more care than you expect in high-traffic offices.  Using these materials can make your office look professional, especially when used in appropriate conjunction with each other—as long as you take good care of them.


Vinyl is low-maintenance and low-worry.  Able to stand up against constant traffic with relative ease and capable of taking punishment from heavy objects, it is frequently used in hospitals since it’s also fairly easy to clean.  Like tiling and carpeting, it also comes in a number of styles that can fit in well in different environments.   It isn’t as professional as the previous styles of flooring, but it holds up better than other types of floors.  This makes it perfect for stores that use heavy mobile racks for their products.  Medical centers will also benefit from its help since it’s easy to clean and can be serviced on a daily basis without incident.  Give vinyl a chance and it will prove to be an effective commercial flooring option.

Wood Floors

Wood flooring is a little frail compared to other types of flooring, but it’s very classy.  Any office or business with well-kept wood flooring instantly looks much better upon a customer’s entry.  Though shades of brown are the most common style, the lacquered sheen makes the lack of variety well worth it.

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