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How to Choose Carpet from a Small Sample

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Once you know what you have in mind for your brand new carpet, you have to decide what exactly you want for your carpet and pick a specific carpet and color to install. Unlike painting your room a new color,… Read More

Best Flooring for Your Mudroom

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Unlike the front entry of your home, a mudroom is not a room generally seen by visitors to your home. This room is usually used as a second entrance in order to keep the clutter of bags, shoes, and coats… Read More

How to Prevent Carpets from Fading

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Like any fabric and like many types of flooring, carpet gradually loses its color over the years. While this is part of the normal aging process, there are several different ways that you can prevent fading from causing you to… Read More

Best Nursery Flooring for Your Home

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Flooring takes a lot of damage, but especially in a nursery, where kids play hard and love to test their limits and try to get into trouble. When it comes to kid-friendly nursery flooring, there are a number of things… Read More

How To Choose Flooring You’ll Love

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

While you can find countless articles and tutorials on choosing the perfect wall color, arranging furniture, and space saving tips, flooring is often overlooked. However, the floor is one of the largest surfaces in any home, making flooring important when… Read More

Keeping Your Home Cool With Flooring

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Maryland summers are notorious for being hot and humid, sending everyone scrambling for air-conditioned offices and shopping malls, and shocking homeowners with high utility bills. You don’t have to stay at the pool until sunset or lie in front of… Read More

How to Choose Tile for Your Home

Friday, May 20th, 2016

When thinking about remodeling your bathroom, there are some things you should know about tile. While all tiles are beautiful, not all of them should be used on your bathroom flooring. Let’s take a look at some tips on how… Read More

What Are the Best Floors for A Wheelchair in the Home?

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Trying to ensure that your home is safe and secure for anybody in a wheelchair can be tricky. The American with Disabilities Act makes three recommendations for the type of flooring you should use to make a room wheelchair accessible:

Flooring for Your Staircase

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Choose flooring for your home can be a big decision but what about flooring for a utility space like your staircase? You use your stairs at least twice a day but how often do you really look at it? Let’s… Read More

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Although we hardly ever spend time looking at the floors of our home, a good or bad flooring can essentially make or break your home’s décor. A good floor can make all of your mismatched furniture feel like they fit… Read More