Choosing Your Bathroom Floor

Bathroom retreat with tile

With a beautifully decorated bathroom, your home will feel like the retreat you’ve always wanted!

When renovating your bathroom, there are a lot of choices you will have to make. From the vanity to the accoutrements, you want your bathroom to be beautiful and peaceful. When making decisions about your new bathroom, you should always start from the floor up. So how do you choose the best flooring possible for your new bathroom?


The first thing you should be thinking about is the durability. There a few different types of flooring that are perfect for your bathroom. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are among some of the most durable materials. These tiles are strong and some with their own rating scale called the “PEI” scale. This scale ranges from one, the least resistant to abrasions, to five, the most resistant. For high traffic areas like the bathroom, it is recommended that you choose a class three or higher. Natural stone does not follow the PEI scale because it is not man-made. But this floor has been around for thousands of years and is extremely durable with both beauty and character.

Size Matters

Tiles are available in many different sizes, from the smallest mosaics to 24×48 inch slabs. Modern tile sizes have shifted toward larger tiles for both floor and wall applications. The most popular sizes for new flooring tiles is 13×13 inch pieces. These larger tiles make spaces appear larger. But this is not to discount smaller tiles. Many of our tiles come in different sizes, allowing homeowners to design their own floor patterns.


Choosing the style and colors of the tiles in your bathroom will help define how the room looks and feels. Whether you want a rustic retreat with natural stone tiles or the classic look of marbleized tile, there is the perfect style for your new bathroom. Marbleized tile lends itself to a formal retreat like feel while white “subway” style tiles can make the room feel crisp and clean.

Texture Tips

When choosing a tile, it is important to keep the room in mind. For bathrooms, it is important to choose something that is textured or matte finished to avoid the slips that could occur on wet floors. Shopping in a showroom is the best way to get the correct feel for each part of flooring you plan to use in your home. Stop into the Jim Boyd’s Flooring America showroom today!

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