How to Choose Tile for Your Home


Big, light-colored tiles can make your home feel lighter and brighter.

When thinking about remodeling your bathroom, there are some things you should know about tile. While all tiles are beautiful, not all of them should be used on your bathroom flooring. Let’s take a look at some tips on how you should choose the tile for your home.

Choosing a Size

There are many different sizes for you to choose from, from the tiny 3/8-inch mosaic tiles to the large 5×10-foot porcelain panels. When sizing tiles to your home, you should capture the look of tile by fitting at least three pieces of tile across the floor in a row. Using larger tile can help you limit the pattern effects of the grout, making a space appear larger.

The Rules of Color

There are some color rules you should know before choosing your tiles. Lighter tiles are extremely popular because they often make the space appear larger than other types of tile. Darker colors can add warmth to a colder room like bathrooms and kitchens. If choosing something with shade variations like natural stone, try to blend them together. Neutral colors allow you to change your accessories often while vibrant colors are cheerful and add character to your home. While tiles can appear identical, they often have variations in them including colors, shades, and veins. These stones vary each time they are produced but can give your space variations that are perfect for any home.

Texture Tips

Generally speaking, tile with textures or matte finishes are actually less slippery than their smooth and shiny cousins. When choosing tile for moisture prone areas of your home like the bathroom, kitchen, or entry ways, choose something with a bumpy and matte finish.

Grout is Important

Grout is available in a wide variety of colors including gray, white, and black. Choose a grout color that will match your tile with a cohesive aesthetic or choose a contrasting color to make the colors pop and look dramatic. There are many options you can choose from for your tiles but with a little help, your tile will look beautiful!

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