The Benefits of luxury vinyl tile

Vinyl Flooring Installations

Luxury vinyl tile; you have heard of it. But is it really as great as people claim it to be? For homeowners, luxury vinyl tile can be one of that best flooring installations for their homes. The vinyl flooring can give any home the feel of luxury without adding on extra home maintenance.

Luxury vinyl looks absolutely amazing in kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms. Not to mention the vinyl tiles are water resistant and relatively scratch resistant. To put it simple, vinyl flooring is resilient flooring. It is designed to last for years to come and gives homeowners the opportunity to get creative with color schemes flooring styles.

Luxury vinyl tile is not sheet vinyl flooring. It is vinyl flooring that provides extra comfort and warmth. Luxury vinyl tile is low maintenance and very durable.

When compared to sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl always wins because homeowners can have different colors, designs and patterns by the tile. This is not possible with sheet vinyl because the sheet vinyl is printed by the whole when colors and patterns are added.

Homeowners also reap more benefits from luxury vinyl tile because it’s thicker than other vinyl flooring which makes it suitable for homeowners desiring stone, wood and tile. You will be able to afford replacement of your luxury vinyl tile anytime it is required.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America will properly install your luxury vinyl tile over your sub-flooring just in time for winter. You will not have to worry about dents, scratches and stains when you properly take care of this stylish and long lasting floor. It’s the perfect flooring for high traffic areas of the home. Have a timeless look that’s built to last by checking out our Vinyl flooring & luxury vinyl tiles today.

You can count on Jim Boyd’s Flooring America for quality Alterna luxury vinyl tile no matter where you want your vinyl flooring to be installed. Our Alterna luxury vinyl tile is a combination of durable, engineered stone construction and nature components to give homes across America the ideal balance of beauty, comfort, durability and easy care.

For fast and easy flooring and carpet installations. We offer very affordable flooring without sacrificing good quality.

We are here to offer you home flooring solutions.

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