What are the best kitchen floors?

Best kitchen floors in Baltimore home remodeling

Are you kitchen remodeling this winter? What type of kitchen flooring do you envision for your home? If you are not sure, we are here to help you choose the best kitchen flooring for your home, while fitting your home improvement budget.

In kitchens there are five commonly used kitchen floors you can choose from. Those kitchen floors are tile, stone, cork, wood and vinyl.

No matter your kitchen floor choice, you should always go for a practical and very durable kitchen floor. Based on your preference in durability, you can then decide on your floor material, color and texture. For example, if your kitchen experience heavy traffic, it’s a good idea to have a stone or tile kitchen floor installed to accommodate your lifestyle.

If you want versatile kitchen flooring that’s durable go for a cork floor. You’ll have plenty of choices for colors and your kitchen floor will be water-resistant while reducing noise impact in your home.

Or you can go for wood, which is not only a charming floor but can hold up well to heavy traffic and water stains when your kitchen floor is a pre-finished wood floor.

As for resilient flooring, you cannot go wrong with vinyl flooring. It will offer your newly designed kitchen great style and color without you going over budget.

Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is here to provide you comfortable, durable kitchen flooring for your home today by evaluating your kitchen flooring needs.

We understand that your kitchen is the hub of your home living. You cook for your family in the kitchen. You gather friends and extended family in your kitchen during parties and social gatherings.

From kitchen spills to silverware drops, we are here to provide you kitchen flooring that’ will truly reduce your home flooring wear and tear.

Have a look at our home carpet and home flooring to spruce up your home interior design. With our carpet and flooring selection, you won’t have to worry about your holiday guests seeing scuffs on flooring, stains in your carpet and oddly styled tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. We can replace your cracked kitchen tiles and discover other flooring solutions for your home. Bottom line: We are here to make your home a happy and stylish home.

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