Bedroom floors: How to make your bedroom more intimate

Are you redesigning your master bedroom?

Then it’s time for a new bedroom floor.

The bedroom is a very intimate room. You spend every day of your life in this room. It’s important to have intimate flooring for your bedroom.


It’s the first and last thing your feet touch everyday.

A bedroom floor tactile and aesthetic effect need to be  of good quality. It can play a major role on how positive your day will be and how positive you feel when waking up.

Here are flooring options

– Carpet. It’s the most popular bedroom flooring because it is soft and warm. This is especially appreciated during the cold seasons of Fall and Winter. You have to keep carpet clean on a regular basis to prevent staining.

– Hardwood Floors.  This is a solid yet welcoming bedroom flooring. It’s not too hot or too cold to the barefoot. You can always add area rugs to bring color and more warmth to the room when your flooring is hardwood.

– Vinyl Flooring is perfect for those looking for versatile flooring. Get the look of hardwood flooring or other materials without the high maintenance hassle. Or consider laminate flooring for a more environmentally sound flooring option.

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