Carpet Care Myths Dispelled: Learning How to Take Care of Your Carpet

Need or want a new carpet installation? Are you worried about carpet care? Then we are here to set your mind at ease by letting you know the top carpet care myths!

Putting in a new carpet installation is a major investment. A majority of homeowners have many misconceptions about carpet cleaning and care. But there are a variety of ways to properly clean and maintenance your carpet! With proper care and cleaning of your carpet, you will increase the number of years of durability and the cosmetic look of your carpet!

One carpet care myth is that one can save money by buying inexpensive carpet. Buying inexpensive carpet is not a wise or good investment. When buying discount carpet, you may be saving in the short-term but in the long-term your carpet will be less durable because of the carpet fibers, such as olefin, in the pile have extremely low wear resistance. In less durable carpet, bentonite, clay filler, is often used in the latex backing. Bentonite, in only a few months, can cause permanent and irreversible damage to your carpet in areas of the house where foot traffic is high.

Your best decision would be buying a mid to upper price ranged carpet. These carpets use nylon fiber and stout latex backing. These materials are the best for wear resistance. Your carpet will be durable and attractive for more than 20 to 30 years.

Another myth is that a carpet of one or two years of age does not need cleaning. Most homeowners believe a carpet does not need cleaning until it looks filthy. This is not true because by the time you see dirt on the surface there is already a great deal of damage done to your carpet.

Most damage that can happen to a carpet comes with soil you cannot visibly see. This invisible soil is what destroys the protective fiber coating and breaks the carpet fiber down. For example, when you find fuzz in your vacuum bag or canister this is a sure sign your carpet is on its way to being replaced, slowly but surely.

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