Flooring How-To: Preparing for Installation

flooring-installation-prepWhen you purchased your new flooring and scheduled an installation time, you probably felt a sense of relief. It may have felt as though your job was done, and your installation likely felt far away. Don’t get caught unprepared when that day finally arrives. Floor replacement can be a little intimidating when you think about it. The very surface of your home will disappear and become new over the course of a day or two and that can be stressful. Think ahead and make sure your home is perfectly prepared for installation.

Plan around installation

On the day of your installation, your home is going to be a major construction zone. You won’t have access to several rooms at a time, and people will be in and out with large, loud tools. You should take care to make sure you have other things to keep you busy that day because your home will not feel like your usual sanctuary. Remember that if you are having flooring installed in your kitchen, cooking won’t be an option, so plan to eat out.

One of the most important preparations you’ll need to deal with is ensuring the safety of your pets and children. With so many strangers, open doors, and powerful or sharp tools, you’ll need to make sure to keep a close eye on your loved ones. Schedule a play date or sleepover for your little ones, and arrange for your pups to head off to doggie daycare for the day.

Protect personal items

All of the clanging and clatter of floor installation can be troublesome for some of your more fragile belongings. Vibrations can make pictures, decorations, mirrors, and other wall hangings fall right to the floor. Look around your house and think about things that might be in danger. Designate a closet or out of the way guest room as temporary storage for such items.

Dust is a major issue that homeowners deal with after flooring installation. To protect your surfaces and keep your personal belongings in top shape, hang plastic sheets over surfaces and door ways.


When it comes to furniture removal and replacement, find out what your company is willing to do. If you need to clear out couches, tables, and doors before they arrive, make sure you are well aware so the process doesn’t reach any speed bumps.

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