How you can install a warm and beautiful hardwood flooring design.

Want warmth and beauty in your living space? If yes, then you can do that with a lovely hardwood flooring design!


Hardwood floors give you a simple and natural living design, especially in living rooms. Hardwood floors are very popular material to use in living room designs. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and clean. The flooring is durable, natural and safe for the environment. If you take proper care of your hardwood flooring it can last for years and look impressive in your living arrangement.


We are here to help you get a natural, warm and beautiful look to your hardwood floors with a few tips.


For starters, in order to get a natural but modern look for your hardwood floor, choose a hardwood with tile style. When hardwoods are designed to look like a tile, it reflects off the traditional warm aesthetics and gives a unique antique look when the flooring is installed.


The hardwood floorings available on the market are very diverse. The original form of hardwood flooring is solid wood where strips and planks of solid wood are arranged. This type of flooring is a challenge to install if you try to do it yourself but it will last for generations to come. If you do not feel like dealing with original wood, you can go for engineered wood.


Engineered wood is layered wood veneer fused together. Both good and bad quality wood are used in the making of engineered wood. This is why engineered wood cost less to install.  Engineered wood has great advantages in installation such as a variety in designs and textures. The wood is designed to withstand weather conditions, chemicals, temperatures and humidity. The toughest engineered hardwood floors are the one’s with acrylic coating on the planks of the hardwood. The acrylic coating makes the wood resistant to scratches. This allows the surface to stay intact long-term. You should install engineered wood when you believe an area in your living arrangement will have high foot traffic.


You can get hardwood flooring in pre-finished or unfinished. Pre-finished type of hardwood flooring is easy to lie. To see some wonderful hardwood flooring designs read this article and view a gallery of amazing hardwood flooring designs at BestHomeDesign.


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