Is Cork Flooring the Future?

In a world concerned with global warming, endangered species and the ongoing effort to go “green,” the flooring industry too has done its part to better the environment. And what was the industry’s solution? Cork Flooring.

This article from directory M explains the move to a greener flooring material.

Thousands of people are beginning to choose cork over traditional hardwood. Cork is a renewable resource and trees are not. But cork’s environmental impact is not the only reason it is seeing a jump in popularity. Its performance is second to none.

Cork, contrary to what you may be thinking, is a very durable flooring option and many people prefer the softer feel of cork to the stiffness of hardwood. Cork also traps heat and cool air better, making your home more energy efficient (saving you money on your heating/cooling bill). Furthermore, cork flooring has sound-deadening insulation qualities, which will have you noticing your home is a little quieter than it used to be.

If those flooring qualities are not enough, than consider that cork flooring is antimicrobial, meaning it is resistant to mold and mildew. This is why cork has become a popular flooring option for kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Other reasons to choose a cork floor:

  1. Cork floors are truly beautiful.
  2. Every cork floor is unique.
  3. Installing a cork floor will cost you less than if you choose hardwood.
  4. Cork floors last a long time.
  5. Cork flooring is a means of taking your home one step towards being environmentally friendly.

Cork flooring options:

  1. Planks or floor tiles.
  2. Glue-down or glueless interlocking.

So maybe it is time to switch to cork flooring. If you have any questions, contact Jim Boyd’s Flooring America by calling 410-667-0620 or click here today!

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