Learning how to get Fabulous with Bamboo Flooring.

Are you curious to why Bamboo flooring has increased greatly in popularity? Are you interested in installing your very own Bamboo flooring? If yes to both questions, we are here to help you learn about the wonderful world of Bamboo flooring, as well as assist you in installing your sustainable Bamboo, flooring!

Bamboo has become a popular flooring installation because it is very durable, great for environmental health and looks fabulous in homes and work places!

Why is it great for the environment? The answer is that it saves our trees that give us oxygen! Bamboo is not wood but a type of grass! It matures quicker than wood with only three to seven years needed to be mature. The Bamboo can regenerate without replanting and needs minimum fertilization and pesticides.

Why is Bamboo an attractive flooring installation?

Bamboo is an attractive flooring installation because its surface is very hard, strong and stable in dimensions.  Bamboo is also attractive because most manufactures will offer both light and dark flooring. The light flooring comes as a natural color wood appearance. The dark flooring appears as a dark, amber variety. All bamboo flooring products are laminated. Most Bamboo flooring for sale in North America is produced in Hunan. Hunan is a southern Chinese province. It is known as “the Bamboo Sea” because it has an abundance of bamboo forests.

Here below are some tips on how to best install Bamboo flooring:

  1. Be sure to check the subflooring for defects and debris. You want clean sub-flooring before installing your Bamboo flooring. Make sure concrete floors are completely dry and cured before installation.
  2. Have the laminate flooring be left out for one to two days before installation.  You do this to allow the Bamboo to acclimate.
  3. Use ¼” shims or spaces between the planks and the wall. This will give the Bamboo the ability to expand and contract its joints to prevent warping or buckling. Spacers should be placed every 12” and at every joint between planks. Do not worry; base molding will hide the gap!
  4. To have the best appearance for your Bamboo flooring lay the planks parallel to the longest wall.


For more information on how Bamboo is harvested and produce for sale, as well as tips for installation, read this article by HgTVpro.com!


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