Protect Your Carpet With Quality Cushion

Carpet cushion does more than just make your carpet feel good; it also protects your carpet. As this article explains, the cushion has important functions.


Carpet cushion:

  • Helps your carpet look better longer
  • Will feel better underfoot
  • Adds to the useful life of your carpet
  • Protects your carpet investment
  • Makes a less expensive carpet feel more luxurious
  • Adds acoustical properties by absorbing sound
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance more efficient

Carpet cushion can be made of many different materials. Some of the most popular are bonded polyurethane, reinforced rubber, synthetic latex rubber, sponge rubber or synthetic felt. Some brands and types offer spill protection and can make your carpet and floor easier to clean and maintain. There are also green companies that create cushion out of recycled materials. It is usually smart to opt to pay more for a better cushion than to skimp on this purchase. A better cushion can help your carpet last much longer.


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