Splendid Green: How to Make Fierce Green Home Improvements.


Are you a supporter of green products and movements? If yes, then you are in for a treat! We are here to tell you how to make green home improvements to your home!


Green projects have become a wide spread movement in the United States. Incorporating green projects and products in our lifestyle is not only environmentally friendly but it is also friendly to our wallets. There is no sensible reason to add pollution to our world when there are plenty affordable green solutions available to enhance our quality of life and promote healthy living for you, your family, your community and our planet.


Tip 1: Use low VOC Paint.

A room can transform into a fabulous atmosphere with a fresh coat of paint on walls and ceilings. The dilemma with putting on that fresh coat of paint is that paint contains volatile organic compounds, also known as VOC. VOC contributes to air pollution, respiratory problems and smog. To help your health and the world’s health, you can choose low VOC paint. You will help save the planet and also enhance the smell of your room at the same time.


Tip 2: Install a Cool Roof.


A cool roof can be white or any light-colors that reflect infrared rays. Cool roofs maintain a much cooler temperature than traditional roofing materials. Cool roofs reflect the sun-rays away from your roof and release heat. Cool roof materials are made of metal, asphalt or tile. Your home can stay cool without looking remotely different from traditional roofs.


Tip 3: Install eco-friendly flooring.


There are a variety of flooring selections you can choose from to make your living environment look classy and fabulous, while being environmentally friendly to the planet.


Sustainable homes are made a reality by our green movements and projects in the community. As a society, we are aware of our environmental issues.  We use flooring everyday of our lives. Why not make it part of improving our planet?


Here are two superb flooring selections you can choose to do your part in increasing our planets environmental solutions:


  1. Choose Bamboo flooring! It is pleasing to the eye and gentle on our environment. Bamboo is rapidly renewable, maturing in six years as opposed to 60 years for hardwood trees. Bamboo flooring reduces global warming by releasing 35% more oxygen than a grove of hardwood trees! It comes in a range of colors and shades. And best of all, it’s durable!
  2. Install eco-friendly wood flooring! Exotic hardwoods such as Brazilian Cherry or White Tiger wood from South America are engineered wood created with 3-ply construction. It is harder and more resilient than oak and harvested in forests with renewable resources.

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