Summer Maintenance for Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floor.

Summer is a perfect time to perform regular maintenance on your hardwood floor.

Summer is the hardest time of year to get things done, especially when it’s hot inside. However, summer is a great time to tackle indoor maintenance tasks and ensure that the inside of your home is a perfect oasis. Hardwood flooring can be particularly vulnerable during the summer months as temperatures and humidity rise, so here are some of our best summer maintenance tips for your hardwood flooring.

Keep Them Clean

If you have any sandy areas around your home, keep in mind that sand can totally ruin the finish of your hardwood floor. If you have guests coming into your home with sandy feet, ask them to keep sandals outside and leave a shallow bin of water outside. They can wash and dry their feet before entering (and be much more comfortable)! Protecting the finish of your hardwood flooring is key during the warmer months.

Your Floors Are on the Move

During the summer months, hardwood flooring can actually move as changes in humidity occur. If your floor planks are swelling over the summer a small amount, don’t’ be alarmed. Wood planks absorb moisture from their outside environment, so they are taking on the moisture from the air. If you have major shifting or floor swelling occurring, call one of the experts to see if it’s a bigger problem.

Block Out UV Rays

If your windows don’t filter out damaging UV rays, your hardwood flooring could undergo fading and damage during the summer months. Sunlight will cause discoloration in your wood. Some types of hardwood flooring are much more vulnerable to this problem, including American cherry. Use UV-protective windows or keep the curtains closed during extended periods of sun.

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