The Best Hardwood Flooring for Your New Sunroom

The Best Hardwood Flooring for Your New Sunroom

Are you ready to finish your sunroom project? Here are some tips about the best hardwood flooring for your new sunroom.

Are you excited about the brand new sunroom that you built at your house? The sunroom is the best possible place to enjoy the beauty of summer without all of the pesky bugs. If you are ready to get your sunroom project finished, it’s time to pick the best hardwood flooring for the job. Here are some of our picks for the best hardwood flooring for your new sunroom.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring that is natural is not always the best choice for a new sunroom, since hardwood flooring is very susceptible to fading and damage over time. If you want to use true hardwood flooring, choose a light shade of hardwood that won’t have noticeable fading. Using the hardwood flooring, create a herringbone pattern. This pattern does a fantastic job of disguising sun damage, as the fading looks artistic and part of the flow of the room.


Are you laying the hardwood flooring over concrete in your sunroom? Treat the wood with an oil-based stain and pick engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood will be much more resistant to fading and last with less damage over time.

Hardwood Flooring Tips

No matter what type of hardwood flooring you choose for your sunroom, ensure that you use carpeting and rugs to cover up spots that might be damaged. Rotate furniture, rugs, and other elements frequently so that sun spots won’t appear in certain parts of the room. Keep an eye on fading and get into the habit of changing furniture configurations once a week to keep your hardwood flooring in great condition for years to come. Keep this habit even in the winter months!

Whatever Type of Flooring You Choose, Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is Ready to Install!

Engineered wood or solid hardwood? Whatever choice you make, we have the materials and know-how to help you get your dream floor! Jim Boyd’s Flooring America is happy to provide our customers with top-notch service to meet any and all of their flooring needs. We have the knowledge and experience to assess your needs and help you choose the right floors for your family’s home. Make an appointment today or give us a call at 410-667-0620 so we can keep your carpet looking great for years to come. To follow us online, don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Houzz, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Google+.


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