Tile Fierce: 3 Tiles Great for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Are you considering doing kitchen or bathroom renovations? Are you looking into using a tile design for your flooring or counter-tops? We are here to tell you about three great tile materials you can use to make your kitchen or bathroom look fabulous!


Tile is a very popular flooring design material for not only its beauty but cost-saving material. The three different types of tiles are ceramic, quarry and stone. Below we will tell you why each one is great to use for your flooring.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is a great tile design material because it is very cost effective. Ceramic is made of clay, shale, gypsum and sand. These materials are worked into a material known as bisque. This bisque material is shaped into tiles and fired in a kiln that can be as high as 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the ceramic tiles are fired, the stronger the tile will be for your flooring. The great thing about ceramic tiles, besides being cost-effective, is that it can come in a grand variety of colors and shapes because it is made from scratch! If you decide to use ceramic tiles, get ready to have fun with your creativity!


Quarry Tile

Quarry tiles originate from quarries. It is cut, ground and polished.  Now, quarry tile is manufactured to be as hard as natural stone. Since quarry tile has a rough surface, it provides a great grip for high foot traffic. However, quarry tile is not recommended to use for counter-tops because it is extremely porous. Quarry tile being porous makes it not a good surface for food preparation.



If you have not notice, granite is used very often in kitchen design sweepstakes. It is used in kitchen design sweepstakes because it has an attractive appearance. However, granite can easily crack and it is also porous. This means it is a high maintenance tile because it will need to be sealed and polished on a regular basis. It can be easily scratched and might be damaged from high temperatures. But the wonderful thing about granite is that it has great coloring and other tiles such as the ceramic tile cannot duplicate its natural texture.


If you want to learn more about these tiles for flooring or counter-top renovations, read this article from Homerenovations.about.com.


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