Types of Carpets

Last week we discussed some ways to choose your home carpets. This week we will talk in more detail about all of the different types of fibers and types of carpets available to you. According to this article the many types of fibers in carpets can be more suitable to different tastes, functions and budgets.

Eco-friendly fibers are carpeting fibers with low VOC (volatile organic compounds).  Some of these are treated to avoid mold and mites. The chemicals that are used to treat eco-friendly fibers could contain skin irritants and may not be best for the family room, nursery or kid’s play room.

Wool is another fiber used to make carpets. It is very popular in homes because it is springy, soft and natural.  However wool is highly absorbent and thus prone to staining. If a spill does happen on a wool surface you should be sure to wipe it up as quickly as possible. As popular as wool is, it can be very expensive. This is one drawback of the fiber. However it is very strong and lasts longer than many other carpet fibers, so it is usually worth the investment.

Nylon is used in carpet commonly. It is among the most expensive synthetic fibers, but also is the most durable.  Polyester fiber however is very similar to nylon, is cheaper than nylon, and is also very durable. It is perfect for high traffic areas in your home.

Polypropolene is another material used for carpets. It is recommended for outdoor use due to its strong resistance to mold and mildew. One drawback about this material is its high flammability.

As you can see there are many different materials to choose from for your carpets. Consider the difference of these materials as far as their composition and their cost in order to find out which type of material is best for your carpeting project.  For more information about carpet or flooring contact Jim Boyd’s Flooring America at 410-667-0620 or by clicking here.

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