Wood or Laminate Flooring?

It is the great debate of the flooring world: hardwood flooring versus laminate flooring. Which is better and why? Well, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. But in order to make the right decision for your home, you need to know about each type of flooring.

This article from TLC Home breaks down the battle between hardwood and laminate.

Laminate flooring: It is constructed with a high-density fiberboard core, sandwiched between a melamine laminate backing, high-quality photographic paper with an image of wood flooring (or a thin slice of real wood veneer), and a melamine laminate top.


•     More durable than hardwood. It is not easily scratched.

•     Does not yellow or fade from sunlight or other elements.

•     Never needs wax or polish.

•     Can really hold up to being put in a kitchen or bathroom.


•     Not easily repaired is scratched or torn, though repair kits are available.

•     Can be affected by excessive moisture.

•     Special padding is required under laminate floors to reduce the floor’s potential for noise.

Hardwood Flooring


•     It is easy to repair.

•     Unlike laminates, though, wood floors can always be restored to their original beauty.


•     It can be easily scratched.

•     Most stained wood floors will change color over time.

•     Can be affected by excessive moisture.

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