Cleaning and Caring for your Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring care

Vinyl flooring is easy to care for, and easy to keep beautiful. Follow these guidelines.

Vinyl floors are quickly finding favor in many home renovation projects because it’s easy to install, even easier to clean and helps promote a hygienic home. While vinyl flooring is extremely easy to clean and requires little maintenance, you still have to be familiar with the proper cleaning techniques to make your flooring shine. What are some the key cleaning practices for vinyl floor owners?

Vacuum and Sweep Daily

Using a vacuum or sweeper every day seems a little daunting at first, but it’s the best way to keep dust from building up. You may look at a big dust bunny and promise to clean it tomorrow, but before you know it tomorrow turns into a month and that dust bunny turned into Bigfoot! Establishing a daily routine will stop prevent buildups, which means you will have much less work in the long run. A little active maintenance each day means you aren’t scrambling to remove big buildups when your in-laws want to pop in for a visit on a moment’s notice.

Weekly Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Despite your best efforts through sweeping and vacuuming, dirt and debris can still stick to your vinyl floor. Weekly maintenance with a damp mop and neutral detergent, however, can remove any spots that a vacuum or sweeper just can’t seem to remove. There will be a lot of random messes for families with active and younger children, so picking a time each week to clean can help you stick to a schedule.

Caring for Vinyl Flooring

Aside from cleaning your vinyl flooring, you can also take specific measures to ensure that you are taking proper care of your vinyl flooring. To help cut down on dirt forming onto the surface, many families either have bins or a specific area at the front door to put shoes. That way, you or a guest won’t leave dirty footprints all through the house. For any furniture that is on your vinyl flooring, it helps to place a rug underneath furniture, as well as placing protective pads under table and chair legs.

Whether you want to install vinyl flooring in your new home or give your current house an upgrade, you should work with a friendly and professional service that can help you from start to finish on any flooring project.

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